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ASD device closure with 24 mm ASD Occluder Done Successfully by Dr. Vaibhav B Patil

9 Sep 2022

14 year old boy visited Dr. Vaibhav B Patil. with complaints of Palpitations since 1 month. Dr. Vaibhav examined him carefully and concluded him to have cleft lip,bifid Uvula,Microcephalic head, polydactylism. 2D echocardiography suggestive of Acynotic Congenital Heart Disease, Ostiosecundum Atrial Septal Defect (size 18-19 mm) Normal PA pressure was done. After confirmation of other defects patient was posted for ASD device Closure under local anathesia. He underwent successfully ASD device closure with 24 mm ASD Occluder. The procedure was done by Dr. Vaibhav B Patil and it was uneventful. Patient was discharged on 3rd day.

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