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Mole / Corn / Cyst Removal


Moles of any type can generally be removed easily in our office. While some moles appear early on in life, others develop over time due to genetic factors or excessive sun exposure. Every mole has the potential to transition into malignant growth. Therefore, mole removal is a good option if you have a mole that has experienced noticeable changes in symmetry, borders, coloration, or size or becomes inflamed or irritated.


Cysts typically develop as epidermal cells start duplicating rapidly. While some disappear on their own, others continue to grow and fill with fluid. Cysts can become painful if left untreated and can potentially rupture and cause infection over time.

At Bala Dermatology, we can remove cysts across the body, including sensitive areas around the face and neck.

Other skin irregularities that tend to develop in tandem with moles and cysts include skin tags, lipomas, and fibromas. Our Bala Cynwyd medical dermatologists can evaluate and treat these also if they become bothersome.

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